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Welcome to the new My Pets WordPress theme! It has to be the most awesome theme going for anyone in the pet industry, and I’ve used all my marketing knowledge to deliver an amazing package, absolutely FREE.

Just some of the features include:

  • Fully responsive
  • E-commerce capabilities
  • Events promotion
  • Amazon affiliate ready
  • Fancy slider

What’s it Do?

Not only is My Pets fully responsive and customizable, but I’ve built it to integrate with some of the best WordPress plugins to make it an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

Installation Guide

Ease of use has been my number one priority with these theme, and I wanted to make it as customisable as possible. It’s so easy in fact it can be set up within 30 minutes!

First download the theme: << download here >>

Then, upload it into your themes directory in WordPress. Simply go to Appearance/ Themes and click Upload, then Activate.

After this you need to set the menu up. Simply go to Appearance/Menus and if you haven’t already, create a new menu.  Then go to Manage Locations and set you menu as the Primary Menu.

Then go to your home page and change the template to Front template.

Now you’re set up, you’re ready to to add your own personal details. If you go to Theme Settings you’ll see some boxes to fill out.


The tagline is this area here:


And telephone and opening times displays here:


Next to complete are the titles and links for the boxes on the home page:


Which display here:


Then you can either upload your own logo via the Change Logo section, or if you don’t have a logo it will take your site title and description which can be found in Settings/General.

For the footer area I’ve created widgets so you can add your contact details and whatever else will be good for the site. You’ll see the footer widgets, I’ve clled them Footerbox 1,Footerbox 2 and Footerbox 3. For the footer in the demo I added a text widget in Footerbox 1 and added contact details. I added Recent Posts in Footerbox 2 and Craft Socials and Comments in Footerbox 3.

And that’s basically it! The rest is adding content and plugins to turn your site into overdrive.

Works Best with these Plugins

Woocommerce: is the best e-commerce plugin for WordPress and turns your blog into a fully integrated shopping website. Just add your Paypal ID and some products and you can start selling within minutes. This is especially apt for the pet industry because whether you’re a dog walker, a trainer or offer day care, you are the best people to advise your customers what to buy for their pets. You can take this a step further and actually sell the products yourself. Simply add Woocommerce to the My Pets theme and you can start selling instantly.

WooZoneIf you want to sell products but don’t actually have any stock yet, then I’ve thought of that and added WooZone. If you become an Amazon Affiliate (which is easy), Woozone lets you select products from Amazon and adds them to your website with the click of a button. It downloads all images, content and prices and adds them neatly to your website as if they were your own products. The only difference is when a customer clicks Buy Now they head to Amazon and buy the product, and you get a nice commission into the bargain.

Events Organizerallows you to add events and display them in a nice calendar. If you run regular classes or even have a one off event you can add them all to the calendar and visitors can keep up to date and even book their places. Its an essential tool for anyone offering pet services and I’ve designed My Pets to work with it.

MailPoet: is simply the best free newsletter plugin around. You can capture emails and send regular newsletters to people on your list. Email marketing is an essential part of online success and My Pets works beautifully with the MailPoet plugin.

Craft Social Buttons: allow you to boost your social presence by adding social icons within posts and in the header of the website.

Revolution Slider: What website is complete without the obligatory image slider? There are lots of sliders available for WordPress, but the best I’ve found is this premium slider from Theme Punch. It’s only $19 and allows you to create beautiful slides complete with animated captions, and much more.

Contact Form 7: is simply the best form plugin available for WordPress. It can be set up in minutes and you can add as many professional forms around your website as you like. Grab an app key from Google and you’ll never have to worry about spam again.

Yoast SEO: of course being an SEO myself I understand the power of meta tags. WordPress is excellent for SEO out of the box, but this plugin by Yoast goes that little bit further.

Configure Your Widgets

I’ve created widgets especially for some of these plugins. There is an Events widget where you can place your Events Calendar.

There’s a Social widget where you can add your Crafty Social widget.

There’s a Slider widget where you can add your slider.

And there’s a Shopping widget where you can add widgets related to Woocommerce.

I recommend putting the MailPoet widget in the normal Sidebar. The only thing you need to do special for this, is when you create a form you add two ‘Random Text or HTML’ boxes about your input field.  The first is your tagline under the main title, and the second is your description. For these you need to add a simple Div tag to apply the styles. Here’s what I’ve used:

Get free tips for your pet!


Join our newsletter and enjoy bundles of free tips and exclusive offers!

The signupsub and signup2 classes just make the text display nice in the form.

And that’s it! If you have a pet business you’ll find this the most powerful set up anywhere on the Web. It’s all completely free and can be set up within 30 minutes and you’ll be ready to start making money.

Any questions as always, feel free to drop me a line.

Author: Steve Ceaton

I'm Steve Ceaton. I've worked in web design and SEO since 2006. I also write fiction. Follow Me: @SteveCeaton on Twitter.

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