Parasite SEO is a tactic that’s been used for quite a few years now and still gets results, even if it is on the blacker side of SEO.

How It Works

If you understand how Google works then you’ll know that trust plays a massive role in keeping a website safe from penalties. If you build too many (low quality) links to  new domain the chances are you’re going to get hit with a Penguin penalty and ruin your chances of ranking on Google. But if you have a well established (highly trusted) domain, you can throw thousands of links at it and far from doing harm, it’ll probably increase your rankings.

So the idea behind parasite SEO is to create a free page on a high authority domain and spam it with thousands of cheap, low quality links. This will get the page ranking on Google with no chance of a penalty, and give you more visibility to ply your wares.

Domains used for Parasite Pages

If you look around the Web you’ll soon discover there are tons of websites offering free accounts and pages. These could be blogging accounts or social media, or even product pages on selling websites.


LinkedIn profile pages
Pinterest pages
Amazon product pages
Facebook pages
Forum threads
Twitter profile pages
Yahoo Answers

All you do is create an account on any of these websites, and add some content. As with all SEO you need to do some keyword research and add your keywords to all the relevant places such as title, description and within the content. But then you have yourself a free page that will withstand any amount of links.

How To Use It

Say for example you have an Ebook for sale titled ’30 Ways to Groom a Pet’.

You want to put this Ebook under the noses of people that have pets, and make it enticing enough for people to pay the $1.99 or whatever it is you’re selling it for.

So you do some thorough keyword research and find keywords related to pet grooming. Ideally you would have lots of great long tail keywords such as ‘clipping cat claws with nail clippers’ or ‘trim puppy’s nails first time’.

These type of long tail keywords are tailor-made for parasite SEO and if done correctly will rank on Google quickly and highly.

In fact a quick search for ‘trim puppy’s nails first time’ shows there are already a couple of parasite pages ranking.

parasite seo

So, all you do is create some keyword rich content and add it on a high authority domain such as Buzzfeed or Tumblr, and you have a page that can withstand any amount of links you throw at it.

If you use the right amount of persuasion in your copywriting you’ll be able to set up the reader for your big pitch, which is of course to buy your Ebook.

Link Building For Parasite SEO

Of course, when you have a parasite page set up, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the links you point at it.

Link building should always be ethical, and I don’t condone any type of black hat behaviour or spam, but as this is an article about parasite SEO I feel duty bound to tell you what other unscrupulous folk do to acquire links.

You can trawl on any of the big SEO forums such as Warrior or Traffic Planet and find people selling links cheap. I would never buy these links for my website as the chances are they’re toxic and will get you a penalty. But the theory behind parasite SEO is it isn’t your website, and the domain has enough authority for these kind of links not to hurt it.

There are also a ton of black hat SEO tools around that automate link building. Just do a Google search for “seo mass submitter” and you’ll find lots available. In the old days we used to use a tool called Scrapebox, which would mass spam comments. And another tool called Xrumer that would mass spam forums. It’s all underhand and not nice for the owners of these websites and I’m glad I’m not into that kind of thing anymore.

But the point is these are the type of things that people use on parasite pages, and clearly it still works.


Parasite SEO is widely used within the black hat community and lots of people are making a lot of money out of it. It’s not to be condoned by the honest blogger or business, but it’s worth understanding and knowing what is going on out there in the world of professional SEO.

I’ve even had pages on my own website used by other people for parasite SEO, and I’ve had domains banned because of it. At least if you understand the process you know why people are doing it and can take steps to avoid it happening to you.




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